Sappee is much more than ski slopes. There is an extensive selection of things to see and do all year round. Sappee has already won the award for Ski Resort of the Year twice, and in 2012 it was also chosen as the Finnish Travel Company of the Year.
All of Sappee’s services: restaurants, ticket office and ski equipment rental, are located on the top of the slopes very near our rent houses. You can see slopes from window.
Sappee is ideally located only 50km from Tampere, 164 km from Helsinki, 63 km from Hämeenlinna and 180km from Turku.


  • Event Centre Huippu serves up home-cooked lunch during ski days as well as choices from pizza to steaks and salad.
  • Vohvelikahvila (Waffle Café) for a break from skiing.
  • A la Café located at the bottom of the slopes.

More about open hours and happenings you can read from


  • Kyläkauppa Nikkilä (M-market) in Sahalahti, Pakkalantie 386, 36430 Kangasala, 12 km from Sappee
  • Anssin Kauppa, Aitoo, 12 km (Miemolantie 8, 36720 Aitoo)
  • K-market Luopioinen, 12 km
  • Hypermarket Prisma 39km (Mäkirinteentie 10, Kangasala)

Catering to rent house

Event Centre Huippu
Tel. +358 20 755 9976



HeiLa Catering, Pälkäne

Tel. +358408335064 or +358407047049



There are 12 slopes. The vertical drop is 120 metres and the longest slope 850 metres long. Some of the slopes are easy and perfect for children and beginners. There are also intermediate and more challenging slopes suitable for those who have already mastered the basic skills of skiing or snowboarding.

Programme services

Sappee ski and travel center services and events

Hiking in Finnish forest and other activities

Hiking Travel Hit Ky

Snowmobile, Quad bike / ATV, Wave runner / Jets ski, tours and Safaris
Sydän-Hämeen Safarit

Horse riding school
Sappeen Ratsutila
phone +358 40 7522050
There is also nice and beautyful places in forest for grill your own sausages, picking berries or only look around. Maps you get from ski shop.


Nearest swimming hall is in Kangasala: Kirkkojärventie 4, 36200 Kangasala
phone +358 40 0960536


Old car museums